Are you looking for a credit card that can give you a permit to travel worldwide? Well, the Standard Chartered World Miles credit card is the one for you. Besides providing its customers with the best travel experience, the World Miles card gives so much more.

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Here are some top tier benefits of the World Miles card:

Access To Airport Lounges: 

The World Miles card is primarily a travel credit card. Points earned can be used to redeem airline tickets, etc, and other benefits. When you buy airline tickets through your World Miles card, you can get access to luxury airport lounges. And not just that, their services, and that too all around the world.

Luxury airport lounges are not accessible to everyone so the fact that the World Miles credit card gives you the liberty of taking advantage of the airport lounge, you probably don’t want to miss it. 

Travelling and Hotel Stay: 

The World Miles credit card has amazing traveling and hotel deals worldwide. You can get also get first-class seat reservations, if you are a platinum member of the World Miles club, and you can even get hotel stays for a ground-breaking price point through your World Miles credits. 

Amazing Deals on Redemption of Points: 

Aside from redeeming your World Miles points for cheaper flights and amazing deals on hotel stays, you can also get discounts on purchases, dining out, and car services. You can also use your World Miles card globally without any foreign currency charges or hidden fees. 

No-Interest Policy: 

When new members sign up for a World Miles credit card, they are granted a 51-day no-interest policy. This means that every purchase they make for the first two months will waiver off any interest when the time comes to pay off the due credit.

Alongside this, the easy application procedure and no minimum salary feature to open up a bank account in any branch of Standard Chartered bank has made easy banking accessible to most of the population. 

Purchase Insurance Coverage: 

Nothing bugs a credit card owner more than making a significant and fragile purchase on a credit card. Fear not because the World Miles credit card gives the user purchase insurance and theft protection for a certain amount of time.

This time frame varies from item to item which is purchased. Nonetheless, you can find information regarding purchase protection and theft insurance through the Standard Chartered helpline, which is open to all customers at all times. You can also get good returns on purchases which can be used to redeem for cheaper air tickets and other perks. 

The World Moles card is a perfect credit card for the wanderlust in you. So, what are you waiting for? Get excellent travel benefits, serene hotel stays, and unique bonuses and redeems on your World Miles credit card by signing up now. 

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