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This credit card is available in the UK. It has a personalised credit limit between £50 and £1,200. There is 0% on purchases in the first three months after the account is opened.  Customers will get a 3% reduction in their interest rate if they make their payments on time and stay within their credit limit for the first year. If customers keep it going in the second year, they will get another 2% reduction.

We’ll reduce your cash and standard rate in the first two years as long as you stay within your credit limit and make at least your minimum payments on time. The rate reduction will be 3% in the first year and 2% in the second. If you don’t qualify in the first year but qualify in the second year you will get a reduction of 3% in that year.

Customers can also use their Barclaycard for a simple and secure way to pay overseas. They can get emergency cash and worldwide assistance, so it’s a perfect travel companion. Barclay’s detection systems are state of the art so it means that customers will be protected from fraud. Your interest rates will move up and down in line with changes to the Bank of England Base Rate. This means that if your rates go up or down due to a Base Rate change then any Price Promise reduction you get will be applied to that new higher or lower rate.

When customers buy tickets through Barclaycard Entertainment, they will save 5% on tickets to selected events when they pay with their Barclaycard. There is the option of adding another card holder as well. Barclaycard Forward comes with a personalised credit limit based on what you can afford – going over your credit limit could impact your credit rating. You can set up alerts to let you know when you’re getting near to your credit limit so you can either make a payment or slow down on the spending.

Minimum amount – this helps avoid paying late payment fees but only meets the minimum requirement. It won’t help in the long run unless you’re making additional payments, especially if you continue to use your card. That’s because you could end up paying more in interest than towards the amount you’ve borrowed.

Making minimum payments could help you get a rate reduction but remember the longer you take to pay off your balance, the more interest you’ll end up paying. Just by paying a little more each month, you could clear your balance sooner than you think, and pay less in interest.

Use your Barclaycard for a simple and secure way to pay overseas. With access to an emergency replacement card or cash, it’s the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re buying on the high street, online or overseas, our state of the art detection system monitors around the clock to stop fraud in its tracks. From checking your balance, keeping track of transactions and securely making payments, the Barclaycard app makes managing your account a breeze.

You’ll have access to selected live events, festival presales and lots of customer-only perks. Just remember that you can’t transfer a balance from another Barclaycard, or a store or credit card issued by the Barclays Group. The minimum you can transfer is £100 – the maximum is up to 90% of your available credit limit, depending on your existing balances.

To get the most out of your balance transfer you should always pay at least the minimum payment on time, stay within your credit limit, and aim to pay off your balance before the offer runs out. If not, you could lose any promotional rates you may have and revert to the standard rate. If your card also comes with a purchase offer, be careful of new spending once your promotional purchase offer ends.

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