Students have many expenses in their life which obviously requires quite a lot of money. Most students these days are under a lot of pressure due to student loans to pay off their tuition fees then other funds needed for rent, food etc.

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Students who work and study at the same time face challenges with finances as they are on a budget. That is why it is important to avail themselves whatever they can. Thus, credit cards could be a great essential for them in such cases.

Discover Credit Card

This is a cash-back credit card that is very good for students. It is very low maintenance so comes in handy when you’re still in school or college.

It does not charge any annual fee and has no foreign transaction fees. This is a great feature as most credit cards have some sort of annual fees, less or more doesn’t matter. But, every dollar counts when you’re working hard, so this helps out save money.

This also has cards for people of all credit levels, which have different ranges of course from bad to good. So different cards can be attained by different credit levels. You don’t have to worry that much about the fact that you might not have a good credit score.

Cardholders can earn 5% cashback on up to $1500 that is consumed every quarter. This can be availed on categories that rotate every 3 months for example, groceries, gas etc.

When the first year ends of being a cardholder, discover itself matches all of the cashback that you have earned so you don’t need to apply for any bonus and you could earn a good amount through it as there’s no limit on how much you can earn.

The card offers a 0% APR on transfers made for the first fourteen months after you make a transfer for transfer. This means that you can make big purchases at no cost for more than one year and earn up to 10% cash back on them.

This card also shows some leniency to those who might end up missing a payment. There is no late fee on the first late payment and it imposes no penalty APR after you do so. This is a very good feature although very uncommon as most cards don’t offer it.

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