This Swiss Mastercard is accepted worldwide and offers contactless payment. It offers online secure payments via smartphones through 3-D secure.

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Travel and air accident insurance is also provided. The benefits to the insured customers are transport and rescue costs up to CHF 60,000 per year and compensation in the event of disability or death of up to CHF 300,000 per year.

 This card also offers trip interruption insurance that covers customers against unforeseen events during their trip. If they have to interrupt or abandon their trip, the trip interruption insurance covers the cost of the rest of the trip and also any additional return costs up to a maximum of CHF 7,500 per year. 

The card also offers best price guarantee. For example, if the customer bought a new television and within 14 days found out that somewhere else this TV is selling for cheaper then the price difference will be refunded to the customer up to 2000 Swiss Francs per year provided that the purchase was made with the credit card.

Another benefit of having this card is that the customer is not liable for financial charges in the event of loss or unauthorised use of their card and the annual interest is 12%. There is only a 1.75 processing fee for transactions abroad.

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