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This American card dominates among balance transfer credit cards, offering cardholders a way to pay off debt without interest or fees. If customers have high-interest credit card debt, they could benefit from transferring balances to the Chase Slate. The average credit card APR is now well over 17%. Having 15 months to pay down debt at 0% APR can help customers make considerable progress, and this offer is longer than what some other cards give new cardholders.

Most balance transfer cards charge balance transfer fees of 3% or 5%, but the Chase Slate charges $0 for balance transfers made within 60 days of opening the card. There is no annual fee either. Also, purchases made with the card within 120 days qualify for purchase protection if what was bought gets damaged or stolen because Chase offers standard security protections for the Slate card, including fraud monitoring and alerts when suspicious activity occurs on the account. 

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