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With this Canadian credit card. customer can enjoy travel flexibility and travel protection with the CIBC Aventura MasterCard Card. Customers can earn one Aventura Point for every dollar they spend on their card
and redeem for a selection of travel rewards including unrestricted flights on hundreds of airlines worldwide, hotel stays and vacation packages. Earning Aventura Points is easy. Customers will earn one Aventura Point for every dollar they spend with CIBC Aventura MasterCard Card. Plus, customers will earn DOUBLE Aventura Points on any net travel purchase they make with this CIBC Aventura MasterCard Card at the CIBC Rewards Centre.

Customers can enjoy a much deserved dinner out, a day at the spa, or even give a gift to someone who’s hard to
please, redeeming their Aventura Points for a gift card. They can choose from a vast selection that includes dining, entertainment and travel-related gift cards. To redeem or see a complete list of available gift cards, visit CIBC Credit Cards use chip technology which enhances the security of the magnetic
stripe payment system. Each card uses an embedded microchip to encrypt information, making
it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access card data. This technology is tested, proven and rapidly becoming the global standard for secure transactions.

A varied array of experiences are available to customers through Aventura Lifestyle Rewards, from
perfecting the customer’s golf swing with a golf pro, getting a flying lesson, enjoying their own personal chef and more. With rewards starting as low as 10,000 Aventura Points, there is plenty of benefits that come with this card. The customer, their spouse and dependent children are automatically insured for eligible
emergency upfront hospital expenses for $5 million whenever they leave the country or province for the first 15 days of a trip if the covered person is age 64 or under – the customer doesn’t even have to charge their trip to the card. If the customer is travelling for more than 15 days in length, or is age 65 or over, they must purchase coverage separately for the balance of the trip. Also, as a CIBC Credit Cardholders, customers can receive valuable car rental discounts at participating locations worldwide when they pay with their CIBC Credit Card.

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