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This American Discover Travel card is accepted by 99% of the places across the country that take credit cards. Customers can use Discover it Miles to purchase airfare, hotel stays and car rentals just as easily as for groceries, gas and paying bills. Customers can turn Miles into cash at any amount, any time.

This card lets customers redeem Miles as a statement credit for travel purchases like airfare, hotels, rideshares, gas stations, restaurants and more. The number of credit card Miles it takes to redeem for a flight depends on the flight’s price. For travel purchases like airfare, customers can use Miles to reimburse the cost of their travel purchase as a credit on their statement, with no blackout dates.

Miles are always worth the same value, no matter how customers redeem them and Miles never expire. There is a 0% introductory APR for 14 months on purchases. There is also 0% fraud liability just in case the card is stolen. If customers don’t use all their credit card Miles when they redeem, they will simply add more Miles with every purchase to however many they have left.

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