Credit cards are known to lure you in because of their unique benefits and perks. They are just too hard to look past. The Chase Sapphire Reserve is a great card to use if you want to take advantage of affordable travelling and dining.

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We know the generic benefits of every credit card, like gaining a certain amount of points on each purchase, good bonuses, etc. But, here are 8 little-known benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card.

Delay Redeems:

If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, you don’t have to worry about paying off the delay charges. The Chase Sapphire Reserve has you covered and will compensate you for emergency night stays at hotels, where you can also gain points and redeem them later for a great value. 

Baggage Delay Returns: 

Baggage delays are the worst, especially when you have to pay so much to get your luggage back. Well, the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card has a great cover of $100 per day for five days until you get your baggage to you safely. If your luggage gets lost along the way, cardholders can get up to a $3000 insurance claim on their lost items. 

Cancellation Insurance: 

Cancelled flights are the worst nightmare of a traveller, the main reason being the hefty cancellation fee. Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders are in safe waters, because the card allows for up to $10,000 insurance claim, for a year, on the cancellation of a flight. 

Emergency Medical Coverage: 

If you fear getting sick in the middle of travelling, then you don’t need to worry. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card gives you emergency medical and illness benefits, which can get you affordable, and sometimes free, medical check-ups and appointments, in different countries, around the world. 

Car Damage Waiver: 

If your insurance is paid with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, you will get a full waiver-off on car damage. Your card can cover expensive repairs and full-on replacements. This is also applicable for rental cars if you are paying the rent through your credit card. 

Protection on Purchases: 

Think of it as a warranty for each purchase. Items purchased through your credit card will have purchase insurance for a certain amount of time. 

Warranty Extensions: 

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card also has the advantage of extending warranties on your purchases, adding up to a year in the original contract. 

Extra Value on Travel: 

When travelling, you can use the Chase Sapphire Reserve to gain 50% more value for the points you redeem. You can quickly redeem points using the Chase Ultimate Rewards feature, which will give you effective rewards, especially on travelling, as high as a ground-breaking rate of 4.5% and 1.5% on dining and more. 

These perks are sure to blow your mind, and you cannot help but give in to these too-good-to-be-true benefits. The Chase Sapphire Reserve is truly a fantastic card if you want to have it all. 

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