The American Express Platinum Card has numerous travel perks and access to luxuries.

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The American Express Platinum Card is the ultimate choice for all those who love to travel. By travel, we mean, every once in a while or more frequently. The card has numerous travel perks and access to luxuries. This makes it a perfect option for those who love to visit new places. However, every credit card comes with a set of pros and cons. It is best to assess them and do your research.

Below are some facts listed that you must look into if you are planning to get an American Express Platinum Card:

The Welcome Bonus:

As of February 2021, the platinum card now offers cardholders 75,000 reward points on spending $5,000 or more. This offer is only available for new cardholders within the first six months of account membership. These 75,000 points are equivalent to $855 for flights booked through the official travel site of American Express. 

Reward Points on Travel Booking:                    

Whether you are looking for a flight to book or a hotel, you can get 5x points on every flight or prepaid hotel you book through or directly through airlines. 

Other Cash Benefits:

With your platinum card, you can receive $25 for uber rides or uber eats orders in the US. You can avail of this offer each month with an addition of a $20 bonus in December. This adds up to $200 annually, and you might even have a chance at becoming a VIP. That too, without meeting the minimum requirement. Moreover, you can get $100 in your statement credit for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue or their online website through your platinum card. 

Numerous Travel Benefits:

Apart from reward points on travel booking, you can gain access to luxury lounges around the world. With 1300+ airport lounges, the platinum card offers more lounge access than any other credit card. They also provide their customers with one of the best flight fares and allow up to 8 tickets per booking. And they also allow the cardholder to enjoy unlimited perks at hotels and resorts booked with American Express Travel. Other than that, they provide car rental privileges and damage insurances. 

No Foreign Transaction Fee:

One of the most significant pros of the American Express Platinum Card is that they charge no additional foreign transaction fee. This means that it can be used abroad without being charged any extra charges on each purchase. 

Let’s have a look at the cons now:

Low Reward Points:

If you’re not a frequent traveler, this card has very little to offer other than competitor cards. The reason being, they provide cardholders with low reward points. That is 1 point per dollar spent unless they are spent through AMEX Travel or other airlines. 

High Annual Fees:

We all know luxury isn’t cheap, and their $550 annual fee is justified if you can avail maximum perks that this card offers, i.e. travel perks. However, if you are not, the yearly fee is way too high compared to other cards. 

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