Everyone needs to agree that travelling is a luxury, no matter you travel by air or by road. It is a luxury fewer people can afford. However, expensive travelling might as well get, people, tend to save up money to travel whenever they can because travelling is associated with adventures and new experiences and lastly, a lot of expenditure!

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It is difficult to resist the need to travel. People are always looking for ways to travel stress-free, which, of course, is possible. Credit Card providers know your needs, and they have made it possible for you to travel for free by providing their customers with points. Yes, for free. You can earn credit card points and become the envy of your family and friends by vacationing in exquisite parts of the world.

Getting the right credit card is quite a task, but once you have climbed that mountain, earning points on it will make scoring free travel opportunities a piece of cake. First, to walk on the path of achieving credit card points, apply for a credit card by ensuring that you will use the points it can earn for the type of travel you want. 

It would help if you made the right choice to secure points and enjoy the perks of free travelling. You must spend enough money to earn the card’s sign-up bonus. Use that bonus to pay for your travel. The tip is to continue earning points. Regular usage of the card will increase points that can be used in travelling. 

After earning points, travel booking is also a task. Travel reward cards can be of great help. You can book travel through points two ways, one, by purchasing award travel, when you get in contact with an airline or hotel to book through points. And others, by redeeming the points at a fixed rate for travel purchases. 

There are plenty of travel reward cards that can be chosen for this job, but widely used are mentioned below. 

  1. Chase Ultimate Rewards
  2. American Express Membership Rewards
  3. Capital One Venture Reward
  4. Citi ThankYou Rewards

Pick a reward card that fulfils your travel needs in any program of your choice. Pay attention to reward rates. 

Travel rewards credit cards are of two types, generally—General-purpose and Brand specific credit cards. General-purpose credit cards pay rewards on all types of purchases made for or during travel. Brand-specific credit cards pay rewards on purchases of specific airlines or hotels. A generic card is usually a better choice unless you want to use a specific brand. 

Having proper knowledge of your reward program will maximize your rewards. Remember, the only trick is to use your credit card often, that is how you increase your chances of earning credit card points.

Lastly, travelling is a fun-filled risk which can only be taken if the decision-maker is rational and a risk-taker. Rationality keeping pros and cons into focus helps make better choices, and risk-taking intensifies that right choice. Hence, take the risk but make sure the heart and brain are equally involved. 

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