One should always keep an eye for online shopping portals and rewards, which can be an effortless way to achieve cash-backs and bonus points

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You can earn rewards by grocery shopping in the US. Yes, by buying milk and eggs. It is totally possible. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that grocery shopping is an essential part of our lives, nothing seems to be in place without it. Honestly, we do tend to spend a little too much on it.

We Spend Huge Amounts on Grocery

On average, an American can spend up to $5000 on grocery shopping yearly. Now, who wouldn’t want to save hundreds off their unavoidable spending simply by earning rewards off your shopping? Except for wholesale marts like BJ’s, Costco, and megastores like Target and Walmart, you can earn prime rewards of 6% cash back at supermarkets offered by the best credit cards.

Rewards on Amex Gold Card

However, these cards also offer bonus points on your supermarket spending, which can significantly reduce your yearly payout! One of the premium cards on the list is the Amex Gold Card‘. It offers four membership reward points for every dollar spent up to $25,000 per year (then 1x).

The numerous ways these points can be utilized is also a cherry on top; They can be shifted to 18 airlines and 3 hotel partners. Also, there an ability to book via Amex Travel.

American Express Platinum Card

Excitingly, there are more acceptable options as of now, such as the almighty ‘Platinum Card’ from American Express (Amex) that proffers its new card purchasers to avail a staggering reward of 10x points at US supermarkets and gas stations in the initial 6 months at $15,000 per year – marking its individuality.

However, the cardholders must bear in mind that after reaching the maximum limit of the card, their appealing reward will go down to 1x. And for the Amex platinum card, existing holders cannot benefit from this offer.
Secondly, if one doesn’t want to deal with credit card bills and points, there is always a more straightforward option – shop wherever you can save!

Rewards from Walmart

Walmart is one of the giant superstores, and due to buying in bulks, they have the cheapest items. So everyday low price (EDLP) is their strategy, and what’s best than purchasing goods at the most affordable rates. You don’t get rewards and points here but after doing the maths, If buying at lower prices is doing you more good than those points, then life is all set.

Furthermore, one should always keep an eye for online shopping portals and rewards, which can be an effortless way to achieve cash-backs and bonus points. If you are lucky enough, you can also earn double or triple bonuses using your credit card rewards while shopping online.

Use Supermarket Apps

A similar way can also be earning through phone apps. In addition, many supermarkets have apps that offer vouchers (Target). Other than that, many other outsider apps also deal in giving out such bonus points and vouchers as Ibotta.

Thus, you can avail yourself of the cashback facility online and in stores from retailers and grocery stores. Anyhow, whatever options deem suitable to you should be adopted quickly and most efficiently as saving should always be running in the back of your mind. And there’s nothing better than saving from your spending!

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