While traveling, everyone has got their preferences. Some of us like to travel rough and tough, while others want to travel comfortably with as many facilities as they can avail. Planning a vacation or even a business trip is hard with the world’s changing dynamics.

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Things are becoming ridiculously expensive, and one can’t travel with all the perks of travelling on a basic salary. People who are fond of luxurious travel and aren’t blessed with enough money have nothing to worry about if they have a smart mind.

All they need is a sound credit card because credit card benefits can give you a chance of living your travel fantasies. Travel themed credit cards offer rewards one can redeem as loyalty points with significant airlines.

So making the right choice for a credit card can give you a whole lot of advantages. Here is a list of cards that can assist you to travel in business class if you learn to avail the benefits rightfully.

Capital One Venture Rewards:

This card provides you with a chance of earning 100,000 bonus miles if you have spent $20,000 on purchases during the first twelve months of account opening.

If you have spent $3,000 on purchases in the first three months, you can also secure 50,000 miles. Redemption of points can be made to score flights that include first-class seats.

The annual fee is $95, which you don’t have to pay during the first year. The interest rate is not too high; hence this card is highly recommended for people who live to travel in style.

Chase Sapphire Preferred:

This card is one of the best choices one can make for effortless travelling, and here is why: Over the expenditure of each $1, you can earn two points for dine-in and travelling.

For all other purchases you make through this card, you get a chance to earn one point. The card also offers trip cancellation insurance, which is one of the best parts of choosing this card. 

If a flight gets delayed for more than 12 hours, this card also offers reimbursement of expenses up to $500 per ticket. The annual fee of $95 is waived for the first year. Upon expenditure of $4,000, you get a chance to earn up to 40,000 bonus points. 

Discover It Miles:

The best feature this card holds is that now a customer can turn on or off the menu from the app if the card is stolen or lost. If the lost card is found, then the customer can turn in through the app.

This card offers 1.5 miles for every dollar that has been spent, and for one’s first year, a dollar gives you double miles. With the cards mentioned above, one can quickly earn the points to ease the travel hurdles.

Now, if you are a frequent flyer, but don’t know how to, then get yourself a sound credit card, keep the pros and cons in focus, and let the good times begin.

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