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This American credit card can’t be used at other stores but  those who can spend $500 per year on their Macy’s Credit Card will benefit the most since they’ll qualify for Gold status with Macy’s and get bonus perks like free shipping at Macy’s, and 3% back in rewards.

If customers spend enough on their card each year to earn 2% to 5% back in rewards, their Star Money rewards points are good for Macy’s purchases. The Star Rewards points accumulate in their account, but expire after 12 months. Once customers have earned 1,000 points, they’ll receive $10 in Macy’s “Star Money,” which is good for 30 days.

Cardholders manage their accounts online through a Macy’s account rather than a dedicated credit card account management system. Automated customer service is available 24/7; person-to-person customer service is available during select hours. There’s also a Macy app customers can use to track their Star Money progress. 

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