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With this British credit card, customers get 1% in Rewards in supermarkets and 0.25% everywhere else. Customers will also be given personalised monthly spend offers from some of Natwest’s partner retailers.  Once the customer’s balance has grown to at least £5, they will get a choice of what do with their rewards. They can bank them, trade them or donate them to one of their chosen charities. 

Customers will not pay interest on new purchases if they pay their balance in full and on time, and have paid the previous month’s balance in full and on time. Natwest Bank offers 56 days interest free credit on purchases on their credit cards, as long as customers pay their balance in full. 

Customers will need the Natwest mobile app to set up, track and manage an installment plan should they choose to pay their credit card bill in installments. The actual credit limit will depend on the bank’s credit assessment of the customer. The actual APR the customer will receive will depend on their circumstances.

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