This South African credit card offers up to 40% off on selected flights and car rental when customers book through eBucks Travel and customers can enjoy up to 36 complimentary Airport Lounge visits per year, depending on their reward level

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With this card, customers can avail travel insurance that will keep them covered no matter where they go in the world. Customers will get up to R5 million cover for the first 90 days of their trip. Also upto 55 days interest free is allowed to make payments.

When the customer  taps on their card on the Contactless reader, their card information is transmitted and their purchase can be processed. Payments are accepted locally and abroad.

With the RMB private bank app, the customer can apply for a credit limit increase and temporarily block or unblock their card. They can also change their pin. Stolen cards can be blocked instantly through the app. 

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