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Customers can use this Swiss Mastercard card in more than 44 million shops as well as for online payment. They can withdraw money at ATMs in Switzerland and abroad. Life card is available quickly and without a credit check from the Swiss Bankers online and various outlets – to all persons aged 16 and over. 

Customers can add money free of charge to their card in amounts up to CHF 10’000 at the outlet, using the Swiss Bankers app, on their client portal or using e-banking. The Swiss Banker app includes practical features such as push notifications following every transaction, balance and spending overviews, adding money to the card balance, card blocking in the event of loss, immediate digital card replacement in the app and more. 

The card can only be debited if a credit balance has been loaded onto it. Customers can challenge transactions within 30 days. The latest security standards provide security and protection against card misuse on the Internet. In the event of loss, the card including the balance will be replaced worldwide.

With this digital prepaid card, all payment information is stored on customer’s smartphone. It works just like a normal mobile payment: simply activate the screen of your smartphone, hold it next to the payment terminal and complete the transaction. 

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