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With this American credit card, customers get $25 off purchases of $25 to $999, but the discount jumps to $100 if their first card purchase is $1,000 or more. If their first purchase is $1,000, that’s a solid 10% off. Customers also get a full year to make eligible returns, which is much longer than the typical Home Depot policy (30-180 days, depending on what was purchased).

Customers get additional financing deals that change throughout the year. Some offers may be good for as long as 24 months, depending on what they buy and how much they spend. There is no annual fee.

Customers will get standard credit card security benefits (like $0 liability for unauthorized charges) with the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, and Citi will replace the card if it’s lost or stolen. Cardholders can also set up account alerts to get notifications when purchases are made to keep watch for fraudulent activity.

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