Students who are considering getting a credit card for the first time or want to build a good credit score, will equally enjoy all of these options.

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For students, the right credit card choice can make all the real difference. This is because a credit card has to be simple to use, contain a decent spending limit and give amazing rewards and bonuses in return.

In this article, we have compiled the top 5 credit cards which are student-appropriate, living in the United Kingdom. 

Aqua Classic Credit Card: 

Do you want a credit card which will help you build a good credit score even if you don’t mindlessly splurge on things? Aqua Classic Card is the option to go for. It gives a handsome spending limit, ranging from £250 to £1200, which is more than enough for a student to spend responsibly. The digital wallet feature and text alerts will let you know when you are close to exceeding your credit limit. It is a great beginner’s credit card option, especially for students. 

Marbles Credit Card: 

The whole point of getting a credit card is being responsible with it and improving your credit score. Credit scores can get you referred to a number of things in the future and it can make you a trustworthy candidate when it comes to buying property, cars and other hefty purchases. Marbles Credit Card is also a good option for students, since it gives eligibility to students with lower incomes and you get refunds on services that you paid for, but didn’t went through, due to some reason. 

Barclaycard Forward Credit Card: 

The Barclaycard Forward Card gives you the added benefit of charging 0% interest when you sign up, for the following 3 months. It also reduces 3% of interest, if your monthly credit payments are on time. This is a great way to make students responsible and to hold themselves accountable for not spending over the credit limit. It also provides a free online eligibility test, to see if you can apply for a credit card, in the comfort of your own home. 

Vanquis Bank Ltd Classic Card: 

The Vanquis Bank Classic Card is a great card to start with for students because the sign-up process is extremely easy and not nerve-wracking at all. Along with that, it gives a good credit limit of almost £1500, if you are a responsible cardholder. It also gives the extra advantage of not having interest due, if you pay your dues on time. 

Origin Credit Card:

The Origin card is probably the most common and famous credit card used by students in the UK. It gives you a variety of opportunities to build your credit score up to £3500. You can also avail an increase in the credit limit after every 5 statements. The online banking and payment features make banking procedures easier than ever. 

These cards, collectively, are a harmonious blend of good credits, too-good-to-be-true bonuses, and simplicity of usage. Students who are considering getting a credit card for the first time or want to build a good credit score will equally enjoy all of these options.

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