Owing to its strong economical hold and the latest technological advancements, Germany is quickly emerging as a popular destination for aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, and even international students.

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It is important to note that compared to other parts of Europe and the United States, the German economy is still largely based on cash transactions, so the concept of plastic money is foreign at a local level.

 If you’re someone who is a frequent traveler, an ex-pat settled in Germany, or a foreign student currently enrolled in a German University, you will be needing a credit card to pay for most online transactions such as air tickets, hotel reservations, and even tuition fees.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a wide variety of German credit cards available for beginners and International students, that charge no annual fees and can help you manage your finances during your stay.

Here are our top 5 picks of some of the best free German credit cards in our order of recommendation:

Gebuhrenfrei Mastercard Gold: 

Coming in at number 1, this credit card is one of the most highly recommended credit cards on the list. This credit card is one of the many cards approved for foreigners coming to Germany. This means you can get approved for this credit card even if you’re unemployed.

Users can enjoy a $25 sign-up bonus, up to a 7-week interest-free period, and free travel insurance. The card charges a meager $0 in annual fees and you can steadily increase your credit limit once you start building your credit score.

Genial card: 

The Genial Card is another one of our favorites, that offers instant approval through a simple online application procedure and financial flexibility to transfer cash to your main checking account.

This card also charges no annual fees and gives the user a flexible payment option of either paying in lumpsum or on quarterly installments. The card also offers an attractive 15% cashback on online purchases. Other than that, up to 5% off on travel bookings through Holiday plus.

Consors bank Mastercard: 

Consors bank provides this card which is free and approved for foreigners coming to Germany. This credit card comes with a slightly higher credit limit. Perfect for students paying tuition fees or rentals.

Users can withdraw up to 300 euros in cash with no hidden charges. The card also comes with an easy to use App and Apple pay integration.

N26 Credit card with a free bank account:

The N26 bank is one of the most popular banking chains in Germany, governed and protected by German law.

At a glance, the N26 card will provide its users a free checking account with no minimum account balance limit. It also provides a free N26 MasterCard credit card. Other than that, free international cash withdrawal services at any ATM. Lastly, a fully equipped English banking app that is convenient to use. 

Santander 1 plus Visa Card:

The Santander credit card is also a great choice for ex-pats and international students residing in Germany. The card boasts of 4 worldwide free cash transactions. It is permanently free with no hidden charges after the grace period. Other than that, it also offers a staggering 5% discount on travel expenditures.

We hope that you can compare and decide on some of the free credit card options available. You can easily do that while being in Germany, which fit your lifestyle and financial needs. 

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