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Our Reward or Reward+ credit cards can help you get closer to the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Every time you spend on the card, you’ll get points that you can put towards flights, upgrades and more. You’ll earn 1.5 Virgin Points for every £1 you spend directly with Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Holidays.

There’s a cap on the Virgin Points you can earn each month based on your credit limit. So if your credit limit is £5,000, you’ll earn points on the first £5,000 of card purchases in a month. If you spend more than that, you won’t earn points on that bit. We’ll reset the counter every month on the date of your credit card statement. The cap doesn’t apply to bonus points. 

We’ll add your points to your Flying Club account every month within 5 days of your credit card statement date. You’ll get any bonus points in the month after you’ve earned them. If you spend £20,000 or more on card purchases over 12 months, you’ll earn a reward. You can only earn one reward every 12 months. The 12 months resets on each anniversary of the date your Virgin Atlantic Reward Credit Card account was opened.

Your choice depends on whether you’re a Red, Silver or Gold Flying Club member when you choose it. So if you’re a Red member when you earn your reward but a Silver member when you choose, you’ll get the Silver choices. You can spend your reward for up to 24 months from the date it’s issued. That means you have to have booked your flights and taken the outbound flight within those 24 months. You can take the return journey afterwards. You’ll earn 0.75 Virgin Points for every £1 you spend on card purchases.


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