Almost all popular banks in the United States allow their customers to open an account online. However, an individual must opt for a bank best suited for their needs

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People prefer doing business, making purchases, and even opening a bank account online now. With the fast-paced life individuals in the twenty-first century live, multiple visits to a bank seem tiresome. People want to fill up an application form while having breakfast. Not spend extra time and effort going to a bank to do the same thing. Banks understand their customers’ needs. Therefore, most banks do provide the facility of filling applications online to their customers.

How to Open an Account Online?

As online banking takes over physical procedures, you can now open an account online. You can visit the website of your preferred bank. Next, clicking on the option ‘Open an Account now’. All banks require you to provide some personal information to verify your reliability.

Opening an account online has many perks. You have to provide some important information to do so. Please provide your Social Security Number and any government-issued ID number (including driver’s license or passport). The online application form will also ask for your contact information, including your current residential address, phone number, and active email address. Banks require you to deposit at least the set minimum amount to open your account.

Although many people physically go to a local branch to pay the deposit, you can do so online using payment services or an active credit or debit card. In most cases, the application process finishes with an e-signature. Still, some banks require an actual signature. Therefore, you must mail a copy of your application with a formal signature card to the address you provide.

Best Bank Options to Open an Account Online

In the United States specifically, several famous banks offer online account opening facilities. JPMorgan Chase is considered the biggest bank in the United States with international branches and a wide range of accounts for personal uses, corporate affairs, and students.

Chase offers ‘Chase Total Checking’ for individuals that require a current personal account. For students, it suggests ‘Chase College Checking’ while small businesses are recommended to open a ‘Chase Business Complete Banking’ account. 

At the Bank of America, you can apply for a Checking Account, a Savings Account, and an Individual Retirement Account online. It provides you with an application form that you must sincerely fill. Then, you are required to make an ‘opening deposit’ via a credit or debit card to complete the process.

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use account, Citibank’s Basic Bank Account is a popular option. As Citibank allows individuals to open an account online, over a phone, and in-person, it is a feasible option. Advice for small businesses is to go for Citibank as it offers a range of checking accounts that cater to their needs.

Almost all popular banks in the United States allow their customers to open an account online. However, an individual must opt for a bank best suited for their needs. 

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