Transportation and commute, daily, in London are costly, so it is a good idea to get yourself registered for an Oyster card. Instead of paying for the tube with cash every day. If you are a citizen or a frequent visitor of London, then you might have heard a lot about the Oyster card.

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The Oyster card is just as essential for a citizen of London as their identity card. Daily commutes are the norm in London, and living in a big city; you should take public transportation than to pull out your car from the driveway.

Acquire Oyster Card Without Any Hassle

The Oyster card is straightforward to get a hold of. You can get your Oyster card within minutes from the subway stations and even at airports, like Heathrow and Gatwick. There are plenty of packages you can choose from.

Two Payment Options

You can either go for the “pay as you go” option, where you can load a certain amount of money on the card after some time. Or you can buy a prepaid unlimited travel card where you can pay upfront for the entire amount. This can be used for contactless paying medium.

Best for People Who Live in London

The great thing about the Oyster card is that it is not only applicable to citizens of London; you can purchase an Oyster card if you are only coming for a few days. Or even for a vacation or business trip. You can select the packages accordingly.

If you cannot use the entire transport credit on the card, you can quickly get the remaining amount refunded, either at the airport or at the bus stations. The Oyster card is probably the best option for daily commutes because it provides the cheapest fare per commute. It is always a better option than to buy individual tickets for the train or bus.

Oyster Card is Applicable in Following Places:

Let’s talk about the places where you can use the Oyster card. You can use the card for daily bus commutes, train rides through the city, the underground train station, airport tubes in the Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and the list goes on. Not only this, you can get decent discounts on the ferry rides around London as well.

Amazing Discounts

There are also amazing discounts and free rides for senior citizens and children. The Oyster card gives free red bus and train rides for senior citizens, and for old visitors, there are no extra or hidden charges. Children under the age of 15 can get free access to tubes and red buses all over London, while young visitors get 50% off when they sign up for a travel card.

All in all, the Oyster card is a great card to use, not just for city commutes but also airport tubes and trains. The next time you think about paying for one bus or train trip with cash, take one step back and think about paying through an Oyster card because you will save a lot of money.

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